There is nothing more important to us than the privilege of maintaining your gear. As a family-owned business our philosophy is simple: Take care of everyone’s equipment as if it is your own. No compromises, just excellent service.

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Are You Aware

As much as we try to take care of our investments, there are things that are beyond our control. For instance, the place that you are diving, they might not have a regular maintenance of their air compressor. This is especially true when they are catering to the mass market of divers. Very often, when we are servicing scuba regulators, we often come across regulators that are covered in carbon, telling us that the owner has been diving with dive centres that seldom service their air compressors.


Before sending your regulator to any dive centres for servicing. You have the right to request to see their service counter or room, if they have proper valid brand specific tools and maintenance kits. Every brand of regulator is unique and most of them require some special tools to correctly disassemble and reassemble during each servicing. 


Proper calibration and testing instruments is also a necessity to ensure that your regulator is performing up to the default factory settings.


Original Authorized Maintenance (Service) Kits ensure that the regulator do not have wrong parts in them. As one of the premium servicing centres here in Singapore, we virtually stock up all maintenance kits from popular brands such as Scubapro, Apeks, Aqualung, Atomic Aquatics and Mares. We also have a huge inventory of Scubapro and Apeks that we can actually rebuild a new regulator from our inventory stocks

Any scuba gear repair, servicing or change of battery will have a warranty period of three months. Any claims made during the warranty period, we will not charge a single cent should any problem arise. Also, if you do change your dive computer batteries elsewhere, be sure to check your last dive. The watertight chamber test would have cause the computer to logged a dive.